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Lower Molonglo Mapping

Below are some examples of the information being gathered, organised and presented through the Mapping Lower Molonglo Project

  1. Ecology Map - lower Molonglo
  2. Ecology Map - Coppins Crossing detail
  3. Aerial photography (1952) vs Satellite image (2005)
  4. Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  5. Aerial photography (1952) draped on DEM

Hawker College students are using Tatuk, MapWindow, 3DEM and DNRGarmin. We also use the Tatuk Editor which is not free - but is cheap for GIS. Everything else is free. See for a list of software reseources available to the project.

Ecology Map - lower Molonglo

One of the first maps produced through the project is an ecology map - showing not only data collected but the result of an exercise which seeks to teach about ecology while promoting GIS skills and is certainly a "work in progress". The map will be updated as more data become available.

It uses Geoscience Australia data, a Digital Elevation Model made by Hawker College students, James and Miraj, using Geoscience Australia topographic lines, a satellite image from the ACT Government, ecology data from the ACT Government and Ecology data from the project.

Lower Molonglo - Ecology - Feb 09

Ecology Map - Coppins Crossing detail

Below is a portion of the map from the ecology file concentrating on Coppins Crossing. It was made by students James and Miraj from a DEM they created and overlaid shapefiles; labelling was added later. The DEM was created using ACTPLA supplied 1 metre topographic lines.

Aerial photography (1952) vs satellite imagery (2005)

Below is a satellite image from 2005 and an aerial shot from 1952 (courtesy National Library of Australia) of the same area showing the confluence with the Murrumbidgee River and Lower Molonglo Gorge, to show the way these can be used to compare the state of the area then and now.  The aerial photos were sourced as part of the project last year.

1952 aerial photography (courtesy NLA)

Satellite imagery (2005)

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

A 3D image of the Lower Molonglo Gorge created from one of the Digital Elevation Models Hawker College students, James and Miraj, created using 1 meter contour lines supplied by ACTPLA.

Aerial photography draped on DEM

A 3D image of an aerial photo from 1952 overlayed onto the above DEM.  The aerial photo is courtesy of the National Library of Australia.

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